The Hummus News is a satirical news website whose primary audience is the American Muslim community, similar to The Onion News Network.  The primary objective for the logo was to create a logotype that hints similarity to a brand that most satire-readers are familiar with, yet still be able to hold its own.
The early drafts of The Hummus logo consisted of a either chickpea, a type of bean that hummus is made out of, or an illustration of hummus itself. After a period of sketching and re-sketching different concepts, I ended up with a chickpea with a swirl inside of it, representing both the origin of hummus and the hummus itself.
The Hummus brand name was quickly spread and adopted as a favorite by friends and strangers on social media soon after the launch of the website. The website itself has been featured on various news, radio, and blog outlets such as the Metro, Public Radio International, the Iranian, SCPR, On The Media, and more, along with an interview about the site by international renowned comedian, Maz Jobrani (well known from Comedy Central’s Axis of Evil tour). Check out the Hummus
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